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Case Study: 2017-18 BEC Australia Grant Writer Workshops


Project name: Grant Writer Workshops


Partner: Business Enterprise Centre (BEC) Australia in conjunction with Regional Development Australia (RDA) Adelaide Metropolitan. BEC Australia is a national network of Business Enterprise Centres, which offer business advice and support to small and micro businesses.


Project Overview: The Grant Writers Workshops, focusing on the region’s Local government area members, small and medium size businesses and Not for Profit Entities. Comprising a total of two forums (Nov 2017 and Feb 2018 respectively) targeted organisations including Local Government Areas (LGAs), Not for Profits (NFPs) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who have potential (with assistance) to prepare successful grant funding applications.  These workshops have aimed to engage participants on a pathway to one: one mentoring across the grant application process.


Objectives: The objective of the Grant Writer Workshops was to increase the chances of grant applications being favourably considered by participating applicants in regards to business development and increased employment. (i.e. LGAs, NFPs and SMEs).


Methodology: More than 400 attendees from the region have now participated in previous half day workshops. These workshops allow attendees to follow 50 slides of information upskilling attendees with writing and grant sourcing knowledge and a group exercise.


Outcome: The outcome of the Grant Writer Workshops:

More than 30 LGAs, NFPs and SMEs in attendance at the workshops who are better informed on the application process with greater capability to prepare successful grant submissions. With success comes more revenue to the Adelaide region and increased local economic activity leading to job creation.



Participants advised that their “key learnings” were:

√ Being able to back up what you say with evidence

√ Do your homework - contact provider, understand the application requirements

√ Address all criteria effectively, know & sell the product

√ Be sure of key objectives – what is the funding body trying to achieve?

√ Be CLEAR with pitch, concept skeleton, input, outputs. Don’t just repeat a business case

√ The need to plan - Have a great pitch - Prepare concept skeletons.

√ Developing the skeleton – long before grants become available

√ How closely this all ties with out project management methodology?”

√  “5 step Pitch process and how to bring it all together in a succinct way

√ The Grant Lifecycle and “The Other Grant Lifecycle” identifying the breakdown and rationale for timings and scorecard assessment

√ Planning through a proactive approach to Grant types, the tracking of Opportunities, and relationships with Providers and other Stakeholders.

√ Speak to the funding provider (not to misinterpret anything and get some advice on the application before submitting)

√ There is value in submitting unsolicited tenders by identifying trends and pre-empting funder needs

√ The importance of devoting time in planning the proposal

consideration of non-conventional funding sources.


Many previous applicants have used the key learnings to develop successful funding for extra staff applications with the SA State Government fund.





The outcome is of this project is consistent with the RDA Adelaide economic development objective.


For more information and invitation for future workshops, please email