Patient Village To Help Fight Against Leukaemia

People battling leukaemia in regional South Australia and neighbouring states will have better access to support services after the Federal Government invested $3.9 million to build a Leukaemia Patient Village through the second round of the Regional Development Australia Fund (RDAF).

The $3.9 million RDAF grant will leverage partnership investment from the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia and the community to bring the $9.5 million project to life.

In Adelaide today to make the announcement, Regional Australia Minister Simon Crean said the Leukaemia Foundation Patient Village in Northfield will have strong regional benefits.

“The village in Northfield will provide patients from South Australia and as far afield as western New South Wales, Victoria and Northern Territory with free accommodation and support,” Mr Crean said.

“People with leukaemia who live in the regions often face extra challenges, because treatment usually happens in capital cities.

“The Leukaemia Foundation Patient Village will reduce the travel and relocation burden, and position patients and their families close to the very best treatment options.

“This project joins the dots between having broad benefits for people living in the regions, leveraging other funding sources and delivering a strong social and economic dividend.”

The Member for Adelaide Kate Ellis said the patient village includes 15 accommodation units and a support service centre.

“For leukaemia patients in the regions, this village will reduce the stress associated with travelling and the strain that places on families and social circles,” Ms Ellis said.

“The village will be an integrated support hub that delivers an innovative service for regional blood cancer patients and carers.

“It will offer an environment both critical to their respite and close to treating hospitals.”

Mr Crean said seven South Australian projects that deliver both economic and social dividends will share in a $27.8 million regional development boost through the $200 million second round of the Regional Development Australia Fund (RDAF).

“The $27.8 million of RDAF funds leverage a total of $94.5 million in partnership investment between the Federal Government, state and local governments and the private sector. That’s a 1:3 leverage of Federal Government funds,” he said.

“RDAF is more than a regional investment program, it is driving cultural change – demonstrating what is possible when you prioritise, build partnerships and leverage funding from a range of sources.

“I put it bluntly on Q&A recently, but it’s nevertheless true – no one government alone can fund the massive demand for infrastructure in this country.

“Such a view inevitably results in buck-passing, inaction and a blame game. The alternative is a partnership between the three levels of government, and where appropriate, the private sector.

“The seven projects in South Australia join the dots between being a local priority, leveraging other funding sources and sustaining the economic and social future of their regions.”